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Extron Electronics - WindoWall Console 1.3

It supports the creation of processing arrays for video wall applications (See all)

The WindoWall™ Console application supports the creation of processing arrays for video wall applications.
When arrayed together by the WindoWall application, Extron Multi-Graphic Processors (MGPs) provide a very large, high resolution "canvas" on which four images per display device can be shown.

Video wall systems have been traditionally difficult to install and configure. A primary objective of the WindoWall Console application is to simplify the basic setup procedure.

The WindoWall Console Project wizard gathers basic configuration details and helps the installer display initial images to verify that the cabling and signal routing are correct.

- Typical applications include network operations centers, command and control centers, corporate boardrooms, retail advertising, and exhibitions.
- The WindoWall system requires:
- Video input sources, including PCs, DVD players, VCRs, test generators, etc.
- A matrix switcher
- A Multi-Graphic Processor (MGP) for each display unit in the system
- 1 to 16 display devices
- A TCP/IP network connection
- The WindoWall Console application running on a PC that is on the A/V network

With WindoWall Console application you can:

-Identify the number and orientation of the display cubes in your video wall.
- Set all of the configuration parameters of your display cubes.
- Select a color or image background across your WindoWall canvas.
- Configure the window borders and titles that appear on video windows within the WindoWall canvas.
- Make mullion and edge blending adjustments between display devices.
- Identify the source devices to be displayed on the video wall.
- Create a connection diagram of your video wall system.
- Configure the size and location of each video window on the WindoWall canvas.
- Select a color for each video window within the video wall canvas graphical user interface (GUI).
- Create reusable presets of your video wall configuration.

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